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A fit and healthy lifestyle may begin with a workout — but it extends far beyond that. Lifting weights, running, and other methods of fitness are important, but they are only part of the larger plan.

When it comes to healthy living, your behaviors outside the gym are just as important as those inside. Eating right can make or break your success. That’s we offer members a variety of nutritional services.

There are countless myths and misunderstandings when it comes to nutrition. Many people believe that healthy eating is simply avoiding unhealthy foods. Though that is important, a true nutritional plan is much more complex and involved.

Our Supplement Recommendations

Our Portland fitness center proudly features dotFIT vitamins and supplements.
We believe in providing the best for our members, so we are committed to offering industry-leading options. This line of products has everything you need to achieve success.
From weight loss to muscle building, with the help of dotFIT, you will increase your chances of crushing your goals.

Our dotFIT supplements are perfect for:


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Meal Planning
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Pre- and Post-workout
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Choosing a Healthier Lifestyle
The truth is, many people think that a fit and healthy lifestyle begins and ends at the gym. In actuality, no matter how hard you work out in our fitness center, if your diet and nutrition aren’t also carefully monitored, it can all be for nothing.
After a workout, your body needs the appropriate nutrients and support. Most of your body’s changes happen after you work out, when you sleep, and when you are going about your daily routine.

You should consider a healthy nutritional lifestyle because: