women in a barre class
Core Strength and Stability

Barre at MUV

No Dance Experience Required!

Full Body Workouts at Our Portland Gym

Think of barre as the perfect combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates. These instructor-led exercise sessions take elements from each to create a low impact, graceful, yet strengthening workout.

While it may sound like ballet, this workout does not focus on dance technique; rather, it’s full-body exercise that targets specific muscles, especially your core. With an emphasis on posture and with low impact, high intensity movements, you’ll strengthen your back and abs, improve balance and range of motion, and use the barre and your own body weight to achieve reps.

women in a barre class
Target Your Core
woman working out with barre
Strengthen and Stretch
group fitness class with barre
Full-Body Fitness!
We Welcome First-Timers!

Work New Muscles, Achieve Great Results

What can you expect in barre group fitness? Workouts can be challenging, but they can be accomplished at your own pace. Your instructor will guide you through the movements, terminology, and proper form, so be sure to stick with it!

Barre is named for the piece of equipment used in a ballet studio. You’ll also use a mat, free weights, and exercise bands. You choose the weight and resistance you’re comfortable with for the best workout experience possible!

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