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Yoga at MUV

Self-Awareness and Stretching

Yoga Group Classes at Portland Gym

Are you ready for a relaxing workout?

Yoga is a great workout for any level of fitness, because it offers low impact movements that stretch and strengthen muscles. Instructors lead the class through various poses that emphasize posture and breath control, and the studio is calming. The result is increased flexibility, balance, and strength.

Great for every age, yoga can be modified to fit every fitness level — and is a great workout for those who have chronic pain, are recovering from an accident or surgery, or just need a stress-free environment to stretch out and relax.

Our Portland fitness center offers classes that range from MUV Yoga Restore for beginners, to MUV Yin Yoga Beats and MUV Yoga Sculpt for more advanced yogis.

woman in a yoga class doing a pose
Relaxing Studio
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Expert Instructors
people in a yoga class
A Stronger You!

Yoga Group Exercise at MUV Fitness

Relax Your Mind, Exercise Your Body.

Enjoy a workout that helps push stress aside. Learn mindful poses and controlled breathing to experience an inner peace and increased self-awareness.

The good news? Besides feeling more relaxed and self-aware, yoga also helps improve balance and range of motion as muscles are strengthened.

See you in class at our Portland health club!