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Functional Training
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Functional Training at MUV

Ready Your Body for Daily Tasks

Functional Training at Our Portland Fitness Center

Functional training is all about basic movement. It trains your muscles and joints to work together as a unit of strength, especially when it comes to daily, strenuous tasks like lifting, pushing/pulling, reaching, bending, and squatting. Your own body weight serves as resistance as you workout.

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Maximize Strength
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Boost Overall Fitness
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Build a Strong Core

Benefits of Functional Training at MUV Fitness

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Think about your day and all that  your muscles endure!

Hauling machinery, lifting boxes, shoveling gravel, toting toddlers with diaper bags and strollers,  or squatting to clean up a mess. It’s a lot!

Train your muscles for those everyday activities you can’t live without and avoid muscle strain, fatigue, and injury.

Discover functional fitness at our gym in Portland — and feel the MUV difference!

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Isolate muscle groups with functional training exercises like squats, lunges, and deadlifts.

Challenge yourself with a new routine that bolsters strength and confidence!