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High Energy and Challenging

BootCamp at MUV

Train Your Entire Body

BootCamp at Our Portland Gym

As the name suggests, BootCamp is a rigorous workout that includes exercises like classic calisthenics (such as push-ups and jumping jacks) combined with more rigorous, high impact cardio activities.

Similar to HIIT with its high intensity drills, BootCamp does not include the structured intervals of a HIIT workout. It’s a super-energetic, full-body workout headed by a trainer, and in a group environment of highly motivated, hardworking, and fitness-minded participants.

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Classic Drills
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High Intensity Exercise
people in a group fitness class
Next Level Fitness!
All Are Welcome to Join!

BootCamp at Our Portland Fitness Center

All members of our Portland community are invited to join us every Saturday at 10:00 AM for a fun and challenging hour. Come prepared to experience high intensity training that is designed for fitness beginners and athletes alike.

If you’re ready for next level fitness, novice or advanced, aim higher! We’ll modify the exercises to meet you where you are. Try BootCamp at MUV Fitness today!