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Aquatics at MUV

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Swim at the Best Gym in Portland!

Enjoy a cooling dip in the sparkling clean waters of our indoor pool!  Whether you enjoy swimming as an aerobic exercise or a relaxing activity, your MUV Fitness gym membership gives access to our aquatic amenities all year!

indoor swimming pool
Swim for Exercise
indoor swimming pool
Swim for Leisure
indoor swimming pool
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Benefits of Swimming at Our Portland Gym
Time in the pool can be both energizing and relaxing! MUV Fitness features indoor pools so that you can stay in the swim any time of year!
Why is swimming such good exercise? It’s a low impact form of exercise that takes the stress off your feet, ankles, knees, and hips. Swimming is far gentler than a workout on the gym floor, but it still keeps your heart rate up to build endurance, improve cardiovascular fitness, and tone muscles.