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Dance Fitness and Fun!

Zumba at MUV

Energizing and Uplifting Exercise

Ride the Zumba Wave at Our Portland Gym!

Zumba is fun and easy to follow — and if you like to dance, this class is for you! Each group class offers a variety of music and dance choreography from Salsa, Samba, Bollywood, Belly Dance, and more.

Could there be a more fun way to fit in a cardio workout, get in shape, and burn calories too? Just lose yourself in the music and have fun!

woman dancing during a group fitness class
International Rhythms
woman dancing during a zumba class
Dance to Fitness
people in a zumba group fitness class
Burn Calories!
Zumba Group Fitness at Portland Gym

It’s More Than Fun — It’s a Great Workout!

Kick it up a notch with our Strong by Zumba classes!

Strong classes combine a killer body weight boot camp workout with party vibes and pumped up music.  Work up a good sweat while having an amazing, energetic, dance-filled time!

Check out the MUV Fitness class schedule for Zumba in Portland. Guaranteed to be a good time!