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Cardio Training
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Cardio Training at MUV

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The Best Cardio Training in Portland!

Cardio is a fundamental exercise that raises your heart rate for a boosted metabolism and increased calorie burn. Work at your own pace on our single-station machines, and adjust speed and resistance according to your fitness level.

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Rev Your Heart Rate
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Maximize Endurance
Benefits of Cardio Training at Our Portland Gym

Cardio training is aerobic exercise that helps get your heart pumping faster. A steady routine of cardio will boost your metabolism to burn calories and fat, help you build cardio endurance, keep blood circulating throughout your body, and tone and tighten muscles — especially legs and glutes.

Increasing cardio activity is great exercise for all ages and stages of fitness, and regular cardio exercise has been shown to help stave off certain chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.

Choose your favorite machine and work at your own pace! Walk, jog, run — or take our treadmills for a full-on sprint. Workout the way you want!

Cardio equipment at our Portland fitness center stands ready and waiting for a test run. Are you in?