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Small Group Training

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Small Group Training at Portland Gym

If you’re looking for a fusion of personal training and group fitness classes, our small group training sessions might be perfect for you.

These classes allow you to be around other MUV members while still benefiting from the personalized attention you may not get in a large class setting.

We find that fusing both these elements leads to a very productive experience. Classes are generally limited in size to 2 – 5 participants.

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Enjoy Small Group Training in Southeast Portland

Our small group training is just one of many reasons why gym-goers turn to MUV Fitness for all their muscle building, weight loss, and healthy living needs.

We are more than just a gym — we are a way of life. The success, happiness, and well-being of our members are the number one concern.

No matter your goals, no matter your experience, no matter who you are — healthy living is the first step towards a happier future. Take that first step with a gym membership — and meet our friendly and motivational team.

Stop waiting and start MUVing!  Join today to learn about how we can help you achieve your fitness goals.