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Wellness and Weight Loss in Spokane

Fitness doesn’t begin and end with exercise. Working out is a key element, of course, but that’s only part of the plan.

What you eat, including meals AND snacks, plays a major role in your weight loss/fitness success. To help members stay on the right track, our Spokane health club offers a variety of nutritional services and resources.

There are countless diets and meal plans promoted on television and social media these days, and plenty of myths and misunderstandings. How do you know what’s right for you? A true nutritional plan is customized to your body type, goals, and current fitness level. It involves more than just avoiding unhealthy choices.

Our Supplement Recommendations

MUV Fitness features dotFIT vitamins and supplements, and industry-leading line of health and fitness products.
From weight loss to lean muscle, dotFIT will increase your ability to achieve your goals!

Our dotFIT supplements are great for:

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Healthier Choices
nutritionist giving advice gym near me south spokane
dotFIT Supplements
nutritionist giving advice gym near me south spokane
Meal Planning and Recipes
Good Nutrition + Exercise = Better Health!
Working out is great, but no matter how much you sweat or how hard you exercise at our gym in Spokane, unhealthy eating habits will cancel your efforts. No one wants that!
That’s why we offer nutritional guidance to help you understand the role that good nutrition plays in your overall health and fitness. After a workout, your body needs the support of proper hydration and nutrients to keep it fuled and working properly. Time the time to consider what you’re eating when you’re hungry, tired, bored, or stressed. 
Healthy nutrition means: