group of people working out on cardio machines
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Cycling at MUV

Pedaling Makes Progress!

Group Cycling Classes at Spokane Gym

Can you keep up with the pack?

Cycling is one of the top cardio training workouts to rev your heart rate, burn fat, and tone legs and core.

Both beginning and experienced cyclists alike will benefit from these instructor-led classes, and you can exercise at the pace where you’re comfortable. Adjust speed and resistance as you navigate the terrain to upbeat music.

Warm-up, sprint, and then cool-down in the climate-controlled comfort of our cycling studio. Weather won’t matter!

All are welcome to join!

modern cardio equipment in gym near me south spokane
group of people working out on cardio machines
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Feel the Beat!
Cycle With Us!

Cycling Group Fitness at Our Gym in Spokane

Cross the finish line in comfort as you cardio train with group cycling at MUV Fitness.

Whether you start slowly and watch yourself progress to new levels — or you hit the ground at a full sprint — every skill level is welcome to join our cycling fun. We guarantee you’ll never be bored!

Check the group class schedule and try a class today!