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Yoga, Pilates & Barre at MUV

Stretching, Core Strength, and Stability

Low Impact Workouts at Spokane Gym

Not every workout has to be high impact and jarring to be effective!

Yoga, Pilates and barre at our Spokane health club are group classes that are gentler on joints — but just as effective when it comes to strengthening core muscles, improving range of motion, and bolstering balance.

Movements are smooth and purposeful and breathing techniques are emphasized in these classes that support mind/body balance and total wellness.

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Strengthen and Stretch
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Boost Core Strength
group yoga in gym
Improve Flexibility
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Find Your Mind/Body Balance

Pilates and barre workouts can be challenging, but instructors are there to help with proper form and technique. Yoga can be as relaxing as it is strengthening, and is a great form of exercise for every age and skill level.

If barre sounds like a ballet term to you, you’re right! You’ll use the barre, as well as free weights and exercise bands, to achieve a comfortable yet targeted workout.

Check the class schedule and try yoga, barre, and Pilates today!