racquet with ball on top In Gym Near Me south spokane
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Racquetball at MUV

Indoor Sports Action

Racquetball Court at Spokane Gym

Racquetball is one fast-paced sport! Keep your opponents moving as you take turns hitting a hollow ball against the walls, ceiling, and floor.

The hard part?

Making sure the ball doesn’t bounce twice!

racquet with ball on top in gym near me south spokane
Play Singles or Doubles
three racquets in gym near me south spokane
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racquet and ball in gym near me south spokane
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Court Sports at MUV Fitness

Reserve a racquetball court and invite your buddies to join  you in this high-intensity form of exercise. Keep it friendly and have fun!

Our South Spokane health club also features a full-sized indoor basketball court for practice, pick-up games, and tournaments.