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Basketball at MUV

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Basketball at Our Spokane Gym

Bored with running on a treadmill? Try basketball!

Running the court and shooting hoops is a great way to get in cardio — especially if you enjoy and appreciate this sport! Our indoor courts are  full-size and all set for NBA-style play.

Gather your buddies for a pick-up game — or take the time to fine tune your own skills.

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Basketball at MUV Fitness

Like to play sports for friendly competition? Basketball is a court sport, but it’s also a great form of exercise! Break an on-court sweat during a pick-up or while you practice your three-pointers and jump shots.

As with any type of cardio/aerobic exercise that raises your heart rate, you’ll crush calories and torch fat. And you’ll feel better as you boost those “feel good” endorphins.

Looking for a gym with a basketball court? Check ours out and get in the game!