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Pickleball is the game for you if you like a fast-paced game with friends, family or other members – with a dash of friendly competition. What could be better than burning calories while competing in a fun and challenging game with people who make you laugh?
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Benefits of Pickleball at our Everett Gym

Pickleball is known for keeping you on your feet, burning calories and allowing you to break a sweat. However, it’s also known for helping with your mood and mental health. That’s because this heart-pumping workout creates feel-good endorphins and can take your mind off of worries. Plus, the social aspect of pickelball also gives you something to smile about.

From a health perspective, pickleball burns calories, improves your balance, results in improved agiility, and reduces health risks, including injuries. So, what are you waiting for? Come play pickleball at our Everett gym today.