indoor pool with dividers for laps in a gym in everett
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Jump into Our Pool in Everett

Jump in our indoor pool and enjoy a swim! Our clean water allows you to focus on your performance, whether you are swimming for aerobics or strength training. Plus, you can also relax in our water to cool off or participate in our aquatics classes.

indoor pool in a gym
Enjoy Our Pool!
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Lane Swim for Exercise
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Benefits of Swimming at Our Everett Gym

Swimming is a great way to build endurance, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. MUV Fitness offers this amenity for those looking to swim laps or take part in our aqua group classes. Plus, nothing beats a dip in the jacuzzi for relaxation after a challenging workout!

Swimming is effective exercise because it keeps your heart rate up, while taking the stress impact off your body. The water is your support as you challenge yourself in our pool. You can get in a great swim during our club hours. Afterwards, you can relax in our hot tub, which is located in the aquatics center.

What are you waiting for? Swim lanes today at the best gym in Everett.