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Functional Training at MUV

Challenge Yourself with a Functional Training Workout

Functional Training at Our Everett Fitness Center

Prepare your body for the ultimate workout using basic movements! Functional training is all about training your body to perform daily tasks with ease, such as picking up groceries, carrying your children around, and using your back in all kinds of situations. Feel like you’re not getting stronger? Then functional training is the way to go.

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Why Functional Training at MUV Fitness in Everett is Important

At MUV Fitness in Everett, we want to make people stronger so they can live their best lives. We strive to get people moving so they can feel their best. And throughout a single day, your body is exposed to all kinds of movements, including lifting heavy objects, playing with toodlers, or squatting down to clean up a messy situation.

Functional training is all about training your body to handle these daily movements and exercises with ease. Rather than run on a treadmill and lift free weights, our functional training includes kettlebells, dumbbells, balls, bands, plyo boxes, suspension training, and much more to prepare your body for these tasks. That’s why we’re the health club for you.