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Relax and Stretch with Our Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes at Everett Gym

Take a breather with our yoga classes at our Everett gym. If you’ve been searching for “yoga classes near me” and coming up empty, you’ve come to the right place. Our yoga instructors are very knowledgable and they will guide you through a workout class, providing you with a great experience, full body stretches, and mental relaxation.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our yoga studio.

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Stretch and Recharge
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Benefits of Yoga Group Exercise

There are many benefits to yoga group exercise, including increasing your energy, your flexibility, your confidence, and your motivation. At our ​​MUV Fitness Everett yoga studio, you’ll meet like-minded people who are part of the yoga community in Everett.

Plus, yoga also has health benefits. Yoga helps improve strength, balance, and flexiblity. It can help relieve back pain, arthritis symptoms, and relax your mind and body. 

Welcome to yoga in Everett!