onsite childcare center at a gym in everett
Onsite Childcare
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Onsite Childcare at MUV

Work Out While Your Kids Have a Blast at MUV Fitness

Onsite Childcare at Our Everett Gym Location

Don’t let the lack of childcare be an excuse! At MUV Fitness, we want to make it easy for you to get in your workout. That’s why we’re a gym in Everett that has onsite childcare needs for our members.

Our spacious and fun environment is fun for the kids, while you can focus on your group fitness class, your cardio routine, or weight training.

room with toys for children in a gym
Lots of Toys
large kids room in a modern gym
Plenty of Room for Fun
room for children in a fitness center
Supervised & Secure
You Get Onsite Childcare As Part of your Gym Membership

At MUV Fitness, we focus on the providing you with the best experience as a gym member. That’s why we’re proud to be a health club with childcare right onsite. Not only will your kids have a blast while playing in close proximity to you, but you’ll also be able to stick to your workout routine whenever you want.

We don’t want the lack of childcare to ever be an excuse or a reason why you can’t take care of yourself.  Reach out today to learn more about applicable fees and activities within our MUV Kids program.