women zumba dancing In Gym Near Me East Spokane
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Zumba at MUV

Energizing Dance Workout

Shake It to Zumba at Spokane Valley

Zumba is a great way to get in shape if you love having fun and dancing. Even if you don’t have a single rhythmic bone in your body, you’ll have a blast – all it takes is MUVment.

No, seriously! As long as you move, you are exercising. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the steps or if you can’t keep up. All that matters is that you are smiling and having fun! You get a great workout in regardless. 

What could be greater than that? Come join us for a class this week!

woman zumba dancing
International Music
woman zumba dancing In Gym Near Me East Spokane
Simple Dance Moves
woman zumba dancing
Lots of Laughs
Zumba Group Fitness at Spokane Valley Gym

Zumba is a great workout, as you are constantly in motion. You are dancing to Latin-inspired musical numbers, keeping your heart rate elevated at all times.

Bring a friend and have some fun! Members tell us that Zumba classes go by so fast because they are having a blast!