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The Best Basketball Court in Spokane Valley

MUV Fitness has some of the best basketball courts you’ll find. Play full or half-court depending on the number of participants with no reservation required. The basketball court in Spokane is open for you to use as you please and is available to all members at any time. 

Enjoy a friendly game of basketball at the gym nearest you in Spokane Valley.

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The Benefits of Basketball

Basketball is a fun social game and that’s why we have a full basketball court at our Spokane Valley location. We encourage our members to play a friendly game of basketball, or challenge each other to a competitive match!

The benefits of playing a game of basketball go beyond just winning a match and having fun with friends. You can burn upwards of 600 calories per game, all while you build your endurance, and improve your balance, and coordination.

Come play a game of basketball today at your local Spokane Valley gym.