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Jump right into our 25 yard long indoor pool and enjoy aquatic classes and build cardiovascular fitness and strength. Just like swimming, our water aerobics classes are easy on your joints, yet challenging enough to help you reach new levels of fitness.

Because of their low-impact format, water aerobics classes are suitable for every age and fitness level, from beginning exercisers to elite athletes. Participants may bring and use their own water shoes and gloves.

Whether you are swimming for aerobics or strength training, afterwards you can relax and enjoy time in the hot tub. 

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Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is an excellent way to work your entire body and cardiovascular system. An hour of swimming burns almost as many calories as running, without all the impact on your bones and joints.

Swimming laps regularly increases your heart rate without stressing your body by building endurance, strengthening and toning muscles. No matter what stroke you swim, you’re using most of your muscle groups to move your body through the water. MUV Fitness offers this amenity for those looking to swim laps or take part in our aqua group classes.

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