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Strength Training at MUV

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Strength Training at the Best Gym in Spokane Made Easy

At MUV Fitness in East Spokane, you’ll find the tools you need to exercise every muscle. The way you workout is up to you, just pick your favorite way to strengthen and sculpt. If you are unsure where to begin, personal trainers are available to help you get started safely. Learn how to avoid muscle strain and other injuries. Your fitness journey begins today!

Join the MUVment in East Spokane and explore our strength training area today!

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Build Muscle
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Benefits of Strength Training

Our expansive free weight and strength training floor offers everything you need to build muscle. But ladies, strength training isn’t just for the guys! Lifting helps women strengthen their bones against disease, and it’s the perfect compliment to aerobic training for added calorie/fat burn.

It’s about building strong muscles that continue to keep you toned, confident and healthy, and an important part of any fitness routine.

Plus, strength training helps you lose weight, maintain muscle mass, and much more.

Get lifting today at the gym nearest you in East Spokane!