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Functional Training
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Functional Training at MUV

Improve Everyday Life with Functional Training

Functional Training at Our East Spokane Fitness Center

Functional training is a specialized type of exercise that resembles everyday movements you make in daily life. It can help athletic performance, prevent injuries, and improve your overall movement and body function. 

Functional training at our MUV Fitness gym in Spokane Valley uses several basic movements and variations of  lifting, pushing/pulling, reaching, beading and squatting to strengthen how your muscles and joints work together as a unit. 

You will be able to stimulate all major muscle groups when performing these movements using your own body weight as resistance.

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Benefits of Functional Training

Your muscles have to endure a lot each day!

Carrying children and all their belongings, moving machinery, lifting boxes, and constantly squatting to clean up a mess hurts. Living gives our bodies a workout each day, but not in the proper way needed to strengthen the core and prevent injuries.

Training your muscles for those everyday activities can benefit everyone regardless of fitness level or age. Functional training can help improve definition, burn calories, improve coordination, avoid muscle strain, fatigue and injury.

Find out more about functional training at the Spokane gym nearest you today!