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MUV Tribe
Small Group Training

MUV Tribe

Fitness Sessions with Limited Class Size

Small Group Training at Beaverton Gym

Small group training sessions fuse personal training with group fitness, for a fitness experience that allows you to benefit from more personalized attention as well as the energy of your group.

Combining these elements can be very productive! We offer a HIIT program, MUV Tribe, and caloric burn and strength classes called XTR1000 & Force.

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Small Groups
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Try Our Small Group Training in Beaverton

Small group training is just one of the many reasons why MUV Fitness is the best gym in Beaverton! We’re more than just a health club, we’re more like a way of life. Your success, happiness, fitness, and wellness are the number one concern.

No matter your fitness goals, whatever your experience — healthy living is the first step towards a happy  future. Take that first step with a gym membership — and meet our friendly and motivational team.

Stop waiting and start MUVing!  Join today to learn about how we can help you achieve your fitness goals.