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Strength Training
Get Your Muscles MUVing

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Strength Training at MUV

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Strength Training at the Best Gym in Beaverton

Get back to the basics with strength training at our Beaverton health club. Don’t be afraid that lifting weights means “bulking up”! Consistent strength training combats calories and fat and helps build lean muscle mass.

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Build Lean Muscle
man using workout machine in muv fitness center
Crush Calories, Torch Fat
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Sculpt and Define
Benefits of Strength Training at Beaverton Gym

Strength training is so much more than body-building! 

Some experienced lifters train hard to enhance their physical appearance, but working out with weights also helps sculpt and define muscles, strengthen bones, and help with weight loss. 

MUV Fitness trainers are here to start beginners with the proper form, technique, and intensity. 

Why weight? Get lifting today!