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Cardio training is at the heart of exercise, and it boosts your metabolism for greater calorie/fat burn. With our great selection of machines, you can exercise at your own pace, adjusting speed and resistance according to your own level of fitness.

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Benefits of Cardio Training at MUV Tanasbourne

Aerobic exercise gets your heart pumping faster, and a steady routine boosts your metabolism to burn calories and fat, builds cardio endurance, keeps blood circulating, and tones and tightens leg and glute muscles.

Every age and stage of fitness can benefit from increased cardio activity, especially as it helps prevent health concerns like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and arthritis.

You decide your favorite way to work out! Choose your favorite machine and get MUVing!

Cardio equipment at our gym in Beaverton is ready and waiting. Give it a try!