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Yoga, Pilates, Barre
Mind and Body Exercise

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Mind/Body Exercise at MUV

Core Strength and Self-Awareness

Mind and Body Fitness at Beaverton Gym

Yoga, Pilates and barre are low impact  group exercise classes that every fitness level can participate in and enjoy.

Yoga features low impact movements that stretch and strengthen muscles through various postures and breathing. These instructor-led classes are gentler and calming, and help with flexibility, balance, and strength.

Mat Pilates exercise focuses on proper alignment and appropriate muscle recruitment to build core strength. Although a major focus is on the abdominals and back, the entire body will get a workout. Pilates will help you improve core strength, balance, and posture — and it also promotes flexibility and agility. This class is designed and choreographed to the beat of the music and movements are tempo driven.

group doing yoga in gym
Improve Flexibility
group doing yoga in gym
Strengthen and Stretch
group doing yoga in gym
Purposeful Moves

Yoga, Pilates and Barre at MUV Fitness

Exercise Your Body, Relax Your Mind

Enjoy workouts that concentrate on controlled movements, stretching, and breathing. Our mind/body classes not only help improve strength, balance, and flexibility, but they also promote self-awareness and stress relief.

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