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MUV it and lose it Fitness Challenge

MÜV It & Lose It Fitness Challenge

A Fitness Center Dedicated to Weight Loss Results

MÜV Fitness is about delivering results for our members. One of the best and fastest ways to experience the MÜV difference is by taking part in our MÜV It & Lose It Challenge. Whether it’s weight loss or muscle gain, our MÜV It & Lose It Challenges offer great prizes in a fun, team-oriented environment. During our recent challenge, some members added four pounds of muscle and lost 18-41 pounds during the 12-week program!* Our winner lost over 90 pounds in just 90 days!

If it seems you’ve been on a never-ending diet cycle with limited or no success, the time for a change is now. Don’t subject yourself to another fad diet. Whether your goal is 100 pounds or 15, the MÜV It & Lose It Challenge really can be the answer. To find your local MÜV It & Lose It Challenge click here.

*Results may vary based on nutrition, activity level, and level of participation in our programs

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Muv it and lose it fitness challenge with man wearing black shirt flexing biceps

"My goal for the challenge was to learn how to maintain my weight. By continuing to eat healthy, being in the gym and having a personal trainer I have not only maintained my weight, but have started to build muscle. As my trainer put it, change has been a total body transformation"

I lost 19% Body fat!

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