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It's Time to MUV!
State-of-the-Art Amenities

Amenities at MUV

Cardio Training

For a no-wait cardio workout, MUV Fitness gyms in SC and WA offer rows of machines like treadmills, bikes, rowers, ellipticals, and much more!


MUV Fitness offers child care for the littlest members of our fitness family. MUV Kids is a safe, fun environment where your children can play while you workout. Hours and availability vary by location, so please see the locations page for more details.

Group Fitness

When it comes to fitness, variety is the key to success. Our group exercise program offers a wide spectrum of classes that range from the peacefulness of yoga to the intensity of boot camps. All classes can be taken by beginners and veterans alike.

Dedicated Training

Certified trainers at MUV Fitness are dedicated to helping members improve their fitness and wellness. With one-on-one coaching, learn simple lifestyle changes in nutrition and exercise that will lead to next level fitness for everyone.

MUVIE Center

Keep your mind occupied during your cardio workout! Our MUVIE Center is equipped with surround sound and a theater-size movie screen, so you can watch your favorite flicks while you exercise.  MUVIE Center schedules can be found at the front desk and on the MUVIE Center door.


Relax and cool-down after a workout with the most convenient and affordable form of heated massage. Hydromassage has been shown to reduce physical tension and mental stress and improve sleep.

Functional & Turf

The turf areas at our WA and SC gyms provide plenty of space and equipment for functional training workouts. TRX, kettlebells, BOSU balls, ropes, sleds, and more can be used to strength core muscles for daily tasks.

Free Weights

Is strength training your vibe? MUV Fitness offers a wide range of gear for a muscle-building, calorie-burning workout. You'll find free weights, dumbbells, squat racks, and plate-loaded and selectorized machines in our gyms.

Locker Rooms

MUV Fitness offers spacious, clean locker rooms for both women and men, with several areas for changing. Our locker rooms also have sitting areas, showers, and numerous mirrors.

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Join Our MUVment!

About MUV Amenities

Ask  yourself. Why do you MUV?

You may have many reasons, and we respect all of them. But regardless of the WHY, we want you to know that your fitness matters!

With locations in the great Northwest and in South Carolina, MUV gyms offer comprehensive fitness services, including cutting-edge cardio and strength machines, exciting group fitness classes, and amazing amenities like onsite childcare and hydromassage.

As a member of the MUV fitness family, you’ll find that it’s our goal to promote healthier lifestyles — and we do that through exercise, education, and encouragement.

Find the location nearest you and try us with a FREE pass! Experience the MUV difference today!