group of people training with a certified trainer in a gym near me
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Small Group Training

Small Group Training at MUV

Group Sessions with Limited Class Size

Personal Training Fused with Group Fitness

We’ve combined personal training with group exercise for the perfect fitness blend.

Our MUV Fitness small group training sessions allow you to be around other MUV members while still benefiting from the personalized attention you may not see in a large group exercise setting. We find that fusing both these elements leads to a very productive experience!

Small group sessions generally have between two and five members, and benefits include:

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Limited Class Sizes
group of people training with a certified trainer in a gym near me
Supportive Members
personal trainer encouraging gym member
Expert Instructors
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Our small group training is just one of many reasons why members rely on MUV Fitness for  muscle-building, energy-revving, and weight loss, goals.

With gyms in South Carolina and the Pacific Northwest, we offer more than a place to exercise; MUV is a way of life!  No matter your goals, no matter your experience, no matter who you are — a healthy lifestyle is the first step towards a happier future. Take that first step with us today!