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MUV Tribe
Small Group Training

MUV Tribe

Limited Class Sizes, Targeted Workouts

Small Group Training at Lexington Gym

Small group sessions are the perfect blend of personal training and larger group classes. With limited class size, you’ll have more attention from the trainer, but you’ll also benefit from the energy of other members in the session. The extra guidance you’ll receive also ensures proper form and technique.

MUV Tribe sessions include workouts like MUV Force and XTR1000, high intensity classes that emphasize functional fitness and cardio/strength training.

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MUV group training
Stay Motivated
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Crush Those Plateaus!

Join Our Small Group MUVment!

Small group training sessions at our Lexington gym are one of the many reasons why our members are so successful in meeting their fitness goals.

Hard core and high intensity classes, like MUV Force and XTR1000, focus on training that builds lean muscle and boosts metabolism for greater weight loss and cardiovascular endurance.

The best part about small group training includes the bonds you’ll form with other members as you train hard and sweat together in a motivating atmosphere of friendship and support.
Stop waiting and start MUVing! Join our fitness family today and start achieving your fitness goals.