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Fight Your Way to a Healthier You

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Kickboxing/MMA at MUV

Kick, Box, and Fight for Your Health

Kickboxing and MMA Classes at Lexington Gym

Want a class that can make you fit, strong, and powerful? Our kickboxing and MMA-style workouts may just be the thing for you. Gain body strength and prove that you are worthy of a fight in the ring. 

Break a sweat and tone your body, while you build muscle like never before. Ready, set, match!

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Fun Fitness Approach
Kickboxing and MMA at Lexington Gym

In a single hour, get to challenge yourself and your fighting strength Our kickboxing/boxing/MMA style class builds cardio fitness, total-body strength, and coordination.

This class combines mixed-martial arts movements from the boxing ring to the fighting cage with cutting-edge exercises from outside the octagon.

No equipment is needed to participate. Come with a great attitude!