functional training area at MUV Fitness
Functional Training
Power Up Your Core!

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Functional Training at MUV

Prime Your Muscles for Everyday Functions

Functional Training at Our Gym in Lexington

Get back to the basics with functional training!

These workouts train muscles to work as a unit of strength to help you avoid stress, strain and possible injury when performing strenuous daily activities like lifting, pushing/pulling, hauling, and twisting.

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Boost Overall Fitness
functional training area at MUV Fitness
Build a Strong Foundation
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Crush Those Daily Tasks!
Benefits of Functional Training in Lexington
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What do you ask of your muscles every day?

Do your daily tasks involve hauling heavy equipment, delivering boxes, or lifting heavy toddlers and grocery bags? It all adds up to stress and strain on muscles and joints.

Condition your muscles to excel at those everyday activities and avoid fatigue and possible injury.

Functional training at our Lexington gym offers equipment to target and strengthen your core.

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Challenge yourself with a new routine that isolates muscle groups and bolsters your confidence!

Train with equipment or perform exercises like squats, lunges, and deadlifts.