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Group Fitness at MUV


Come break a sweat and complete an amazing cardio workout with our cycling class. These classes are held in a dedicated cycling studio!

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Have fun and dance those calories away with our Zumba class! It doesn't matter that you can't dance - this class is all about movement and fun!

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Get a full-body workout and a fun challenge with our Bootcamp class. This is a great choice if you want to break a sweat.

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Motivating Group Fitness!

Offering Group Fitness Everyone Will Enjoy

We have exciting classes at our MUV Fitness West Columbia location. We are proud to offer MOSSA group fitness classes.

You’ll find Group Power, Group Core, Group Blast, and more. We also offer Zumba, which is a popular choice for our members.

Most classes are 60 minutes long, which means you are able to get in a great workout. Group Core is a 30-minute class. All of our class offerings are very popular with great instructors!

All of our group fitness classes are held in a dedicated workout studio! Come join us. Find your next class on our schedule.