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Personal Training
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Personal Training at MUV

Personal Training Services

One-on-One Fitness at Our Lexington Gym

Personal training provides a customized fitness experience that considers your unique goals and skills. We’re each different, and that’s why our Lexington health club offers more than a cookie-cutter fitness approach.

A personal trainer assesses your current fitness level and then assists you in developing a workout routine that helps you achieve your goals. You may start out slowly and gradually build your strength, endurance, and calorie-burning abilities — but with your trainer’s motivational support, you’ll be able to stick with it and succeed!

Perhaps you’ve been a gym-goer for awhile, and you’re no longer noticing positive results — or even worse — you’ve grown bored with your routine! We’re here to help you freshen up your workouts and break through that annoying plateau!

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One-on-One Coaching
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Goal-Oriented Exercise
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Benefits of Personal Training at MUV Lexington

New to the gym or a fitness regular, do you have a goal in mind? Personal training at the best gym in Lexington offers solutions for everyone!

We’ll begin by assessing where you are and asking for your expectations. Do you want to lose weight and feel better? Find a new routine and break through a plateau? Strengthen your core and build lean muscle?

Our personal trainers have the knowledge and expertise to guide members, wherever they are on the fitness spectrum, to better health and wellness. We’ll show you routines and workouts you’ll enjoy, and provide motivation and support along the way.

We’re always here to answer any questions and assist with your journey towards a healthier, more fit you!

It’s time to MUV! Join today and get started with your free fitness assesment!