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Strength Training
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Strength Training at MUV

Tone, Tighten, and Build Muscles

Strength Training at Our Lexington Gym

Strength training is an essential element of fitness, It not only helps define muscles and build endurance, but it’s also a great weight loss solution.

Those new to the gym may shy away from weight training, concerned that working out with weights will cause bulky muscles. There are plenty of options to choose from in our weight training area, and each selection targets different muscle groups. Exercising with free weights, dumbbells, or our plate-loaded and selectorized machines also help tame calories, torch fat, and strengthen bones.

Join MUV Fitness in Lexington and explore our strength training area today!

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Build Lean Muscle
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Burn Calories
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Improve Endurance
Benefits of Strength Training at Lexington Gym

Strength training is an important part of your fitness routine. Build stronger muscles that continue to keep you toned, confident and healthy. With a large selection of free weights ranging from lighter to heavier, there is something for every type of training and every fitness level!

Strength training helps with weight loss. Get lean and toned while you burn fat and calories with regular workouts, preserving muscle mass, strengthening bones, and much more.

Let’s get lifting at our gym in Lexington today!