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Cardio Training at MUV

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The Best Cardio Training in Columbia, SC!

Cardio training is fundamental. Get your heart racing and blood pumping in our cardio training area! 

Our Columbia gym has all the cardio machines you need with no wait! 

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group cycling class studio at a gym in killian
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group cycling class studio at a health club in killian
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Benefits of Cardio Training at Our Columbia Gym

Cardio training is designed to get your heart pumping. Whether you’re just warming up on a treadmill before strength training or breaking a sweat on an elliptical, our stand alone machines will keep the blood circulating and your muscles burning. 

Focusing on your cardio is important at any age or fitness level and is scientifically proven to decrease your chance of heart disease as well as reap many health benefits. 

Cardio equipment at our Columbia Fitness Center is plenty and waiting for you. Let’s get MUVing!