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The MÜV Story

See What Our Brand President, Joel, Has to Say

At MÜV Fitness, our dominant thought is results – results for our members, our employees, and our franchisees.

MÜV Fitness was formed by long-term successful gym owners looking to help others succeed. We created a results-driven brand that offers multiple fitness concepts to cater to the fast-growing fitness industry. Both our MÜV Fitness and MÜV Training concepts run on our results-driven systems developed over decades in the fitness industry.

Our founders are all currently involved in running successful gyms across the country. We live and breathe fitness every day. Our best practices and results-driven operating systems are crafted from hands-on experience we’ve gained from operating gyms. The training and support our franchisees receive is unique and proven.

Because we operate gyms ourselves, we continually evaluate industry trends and adjust our programs accordingly. Whether it’s Barre, small group functional training, or the latest heartrate wearables, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

While there are many advantages to becoming a MÜV franchisee, we believe one of the strongest is our exclusive MÜV It & Lose It Challenge. This weight-loss-focused fitness challenge, paired with our Custom Success Plan, allows us to bridge the divide between general fitness and tailored weight loss programming. This approach facilitates a real, long-term success track to the estimated 71% of Americans that are overweight. The results for our MÜV It & Lose It Challenge are documented and proven.

We look forward to discussing all the opportunities becoming a MÜV franchisee has to offer and answering any questions you may have.

We appreciate your interest in our brand. Call (803) 599-2127 to MÜV your career to the next level!