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The MÜV Mission

Always Striving to Achieve Our Fitness Franchise Goals

Our MÜV brands were created to be fun, distinctive, and different. MÜV was built on the foundation of getting results – results for all our stakeholders. From our members to our employees to our associates to our franchisees, we want them all to boast of their relationship with MÜV as one they highly value.

We are looking for good people interesting in being part of our family. While not all alike, we are unified together with the common goal of achieving great results through MÜV Brands.

How Our Mission Affects You

MÜV is designed to push the envelope – to be a little disruptive, change the lives of the members we serve, and give back to the communities where we do business. We strive to develop unrivaled franchise operating partners – one at a time, recognizing each as a unique opportunity.

We apply a mixture of proven protocols that are time-tested to help you achieve success while constantly developing new proprietary approaches to stay on the leading edge.

Ready to get your fitness franchise MÜVing? Take a look at our process or contact us at for more information.