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About MÜV Fitness & Our Gym Franchise Opportunities

Bring MÜV Fitness to Your Area through Franchising

The MÜV Fitness brand is recognizable, and a testament to a healthier lifestyle. There are two franchise modules: MÜV Fitness and MÜV Training. The former is about the traditional gym experience. The latter is a boutique-style establishment that offers individualized attention.

Open a MÜV Fitness club franchise and take advantage of the growing fitness industry. Contact us at for more information.

Choose the Concept That Moves You

With the MÜV Fitness concept, you’ll need more space, which means you’ll be able to offer more classes, more equipment, and more training zones. With our franchise, you’ll be able to offer the MÜV It & Lose It Challenge. It’s an effective motivator for members to lose weight and get a chance to win rewards.

The MÜV Training concept, meanwhile, requires less space and less equipment. This franchise module focuses on small classes.

Benefit from the growing demand for a fitter, healthier lifestyle by pursuing our MÜV Fitness franchising opportunities!