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Small Group Training Sessions

Supportive Fitness Classes for You & Your Friends

If you’re looking for a fusion of personal training and group fitness classes, our MÜV Fitness small group training sessions might be perfect for you. These classes allow you to be around other MÜV members while still benefiting from the personalized attention you wouldn’t get in a large class setting. We find that fusing both these elements leads to a very productive experience. They generally have between two and five members in each class.

There are numerous benefits to these classes. Small group training is:

  • Economical—You get the benefits of personalized training due to the small number of participants, but without the price tag that sometimes comes along with one-on-one sessions.
  • Fun—You can take a class with a few friends or form new bonds with other MÜV members in an uplifting and enjoyable setting.
  • Supportive—You’ll be in the company of like-minded individuals who all have similar goals as you, which will help encourage you to push harder.
  • Motivational—It’s harder to slack off or go easy when you have a trainer and several others surrounding you and keeping you going.

  • I decided to the best of my abilities to follow the advice and direction of those who could help me reach my goals. That included my trainers Kirestin and Jessica and the rest of the MUV staff including Darius and Chanze.
    - Daisy
  • The best part of this entire experience is the relationships that I have made. Having other people here to lean on, to support me, and push me has made this such a great experience!
    - Nicole
  • I am grateful for the trainers, my own team members and others whose classes and boot camps I’ve joined along the way!
    - Sharyl
  • I have tried so many things and it has taken me 15 years to get my act together and see that I am not a victim of "low metabolism"...
    - Andi G.

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Our small group training is just one of many reasons why gym-goers are turning to MÜV Fitness for all their muscle building, weight loss, and healthy living needs. We are more than just a gym—we are a way of life. The success, happiness, and well-being of your customers are our number one concern. No matter your goals, no matter your experience, no matter who you are—healthy living is the first step towards a happier future. Take that first step with our friendly and motivational team.

Stop waiting and start MÜVing. Join today to learn about how we can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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