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Healthy Employees Can Benefit Your Bottom Line

As a business owner, you probably know that you are most productive when you are feeling your best. The same goes for your employees. When they have energy, are feeling healthy, and are in good shape, they will be more inclined to work harder, longer, and even faster. MÜV Fitness is here to help you build a strong team. Our corporate wellness programs in downtown Spokane will give your staff the opportunity to improve their lives outside work so that they perform better while inside the office. Our downtown fitness center has something for all your employees. With a friendly, supportive culture, we’re here to help find the fitness routine that fits them best. From group classes to an open gym floor complete with all the best equipment to nutrition counseling, your team will improve their health and wellness, meaning less sick time and more for your bottom line. Find out more about our Corporate Wellness Programs by downloading our brochure.

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So, you’re ready to get your team müving? We offer corporate wellness plans which can be shaped to fit the needs of your organization. Take a look at some of our wellness program features to decide what would work best for you!

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MUV Fitness Corporate Wellness Program Features & Benefits:
  • Significant savings on joining fees and monthly dues for employees and their family members! 
  • Access to all MUV Fitness state of the art facilities, equipment, and group classes
  • 2 sessions with a personal trainer when you join & 1 coaching session per month for each member
  • Monthly wellness content for your company to keep employees engaged in all aspects of their health
  • Administration of your company incentive programs and subsidized employee memberships
  • Improved employee health, morale, production, retention and recruiting

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